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Awful day because someone reversed into our car 😞 but Daniel did buy me these to cheer me up and I’m in love with them 😍


Awful day because someone reversed into our car 😞 but Daniel did buy me these to cheer me up and I’m in love with them 😍


An old guy reversed into our car today whilst it was parked.

His wife gave us their details, turns out they live on Unaware Street.
I can’t even handle the irony right now.

i think i was in love with him
long before i ever realised,
before the time he met my mum,
or bought me my first gift,
or even before we first told each other.

he was different than the others,
i know that’s cliche, but it’s true.
i rush a lot of things to attempt to get
the best out of people as quickly
as possible, but with him i took it slow.

we were talking for a month before
our lips ever came close to touching,
yet i don’t think i’ve ever learnt more
about a person, than i did
through our late night online chats.

i remember i invited him over to
a friend’s house once, it was
the first time we’d hung out
since we’d kissed, intoxicated,
around a bonfire.
everyone fell asleep around 2am
but we stayed up together,
the menu screen of a DVD playing
over and over again in the background,
just staring into each other’s eyes;
i’ve never gotten so much information
through silence before.

the first time i stayed over
we were awkward and shy,
but after hours of sitting quietly
and motionless next to each other,
we finally kissed and it was like
fireworks were dancing around my heart.
we stayed up late that night too,
talking until way past 4am,
telling each other things like
we’d known each other our entire lives.

but all that time i denied
that i was letting my heart be happy
for the first time in a long time,
and i recall one night back at the
start, we were laying on his bed,
he had made me laugh
louder than i had in over two years;
we were lying just inches apart,
I felt butterflies eating at my insides,
and i nearly said i love you,
but then i caught his eye, and i knew
that the look in my face, said it all.

the story of us - IS (via wordsandlust)


“never did I think the day
would come where I could
look in the mirror and not worry
about the way you used to
define me, or what made
you leave, because I know
I’m better than you will ever
get, or ever be
and I can listen to ‘Fireworks’
without doubting myself now,
and I can say that what I 
felt for you was no where near
love, or lust,
or even happiness
because now I have everything
I’ll ever need, and he showed me
that you never really mattered to me
- epiphany - IS

I may not have strong hands,
or eyes that are ever dry,
but every morning I wake to you
I’ll treat you as if we have been apart
for years on end.

I’ll still love you if you disappear - IS (via wordsandlust)


I love how in Camp Rock they make out that the Jonas Brothers sung “Start The Party” when it’s actually sung by a black guy who is in the movie lol