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Anonymous asked
what's your number one tip for writing?


People appreciate honesty. Give them your raw, harsh emotions and you’ll get good responses. People want to read something that they can either relate to, or feel as though they’re living it with you.

You were always going to be
my temporary solution;
a bandaid to heal all of my wounds,

and I’m sorry that peeling you
off of my skin, didn’t hurt me
nearly as much as it hurt you.

You were warned, IS. (via wordsofindya)


So, so, so proud of Daniel over the last few days. He got 100% on his P’s test yesterday and today purchased his first car! Just one day after getting his license! So lucky. It needs to be registered, but it’s in perfect condition. Plus it’s red, my favourite colour! ☺👫🚗


Working on a Real Talk Spoiler Alerts 2.0 piece and I ask my boyfriend if he has any suggestions. He says, “you’ll always get more flavouring on your hands than you will in your mouth whilst eating Doritos.”

Well, it is true… but not quite what I was looking for!



I have a shoebox of little mementos that Daniel and I have either obtained together, or given to one another. I’ve only just started it so there’s not too much, but so far I have the brochure, receipt and photos from the Melbourne Aquarium, a toothpick flag from Nandos when we first moved,…

1. Spoiler alert: No one will ever treat you as well as you would like them to.
2. Spoiler alert: Some people will always have it better than you.
3. Spoiler alert: Some people will always have it worse than you.
4. Spoiler alert: People can wake up one day and decide to cut you out of their life for any reason.
5. Spoiler alert: You can do the same.
6. Spoiler alert: People will use your own past against you for the rest of your life.
7. Spoiler alert: Everything that is once new and exciting, will one day be boring and mundane.
8. Spoiler alert: Karma is a joke. People never get what they deserve, whether it be good or bad.
9. Spoiler alert: Absence is just as prominent as presence. I promise you that missing someone will sting worse than an open wound.
10. Spoiler alert: People will always try to make you feel ashamed of your body and, most of the time, it will work.
11. Spoiler alert: You cannot make someone love you, even when it feels as though they made you love them.
12. Spoiler alert: The only guarantee in life is that it will end.
13. Spoiler alert: When you’re proud of yourself, others will call you conceited. You do not have to listen to them.
14. Spoiler alert: People put down what they don’t understand. All you can do is attempt to explain it better, or simply walk away.
15. Spoiler alert: Whenever you get into a relationship, know that it will either end in a break-up or death.
16. Spoiler alert: Patience has a time limit. No matter how happy someone is for you, eventually they’ll get sick of hearing about it.
17. Spoiler alert: Even your closest friends will exclude you at some point, and you’ll instantly blame yourself. Don’t.
18. Spoiler alert: Once you fall in love with someone, you can never fully go back to the way things were before.
19. Spoiler alert: No matter how often you tell yourself you’re over them, your palms will still start to sweat when you see their face.
20. Spoiler alert: Very rarely can someone change the world, but you can always change someone’s world.
21. Spoiler alert: Even if every person that’s buried in the ground came back just to tell you their own life lessons, you would still would not be prepared. Life is full of uncertainties.

real talk 2.0, IS. (via wordsofindya)


someone posted one of my poems to Instagram with the caption “some of the realest things I’ve ever read”… I’m ready for my star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame now 💁💁💁