I'll probably just post random shit.



I am so grateful to have someone in my life that supports every single decision I make and believes in me even more than I believe in myself, I’ll never take him for granted ✿*(◠‿◠)

I would say that I ache for you
like there’s no calcium
inside of my bones,

but it’s more like every step
that I take without you,
always ends up on a thorn.

Everything hurts without you, IS. (via throughouthenight)


feeling so happy and positive at the moment, just thought I’d let everyone know 🌞


an old friend has asked my permission for her to get one of my poems tattooed on her (with some slight adaptions) sometime this year which is very fucking cool

But you see, I have to pour my heart into you, or else I might overflow.

Excuses to love you, IS. (via throughouthenight)